Cost and Durability of a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence New Jersey is affordable and durable. It can also be customized to fit your needs. The choices you make in deciding the mesh, height, and finish can have an impact on its price.

Homeowners who know what they are doing can install a chain link fence themselves. If you have a large yard and are comfortable working with tools, it may be worth the time and expense of hiring a professional crew.


The cost of chain link fences can vary widely depending on the height and type chosen. In general, these types of fences are less expensive than wood or vinyl options. However, they do not add to the aesthetic value of your home and may not be appropriate for areas where privacy is important. The good news is that there are ways to cut the cost of these types of fences by shopping around for prices and by negotiating with suppliers.

For a basic galvanized chain link fence, expect to pay between $10 and $20 per linear foot. This includes installation costs, materials and labor. If you choose to add a powder coating, this can increase the lifespan and decrease maintenance costs of your chain link fence. However, it can also significantly increase the cost of your fence.

Another option is to purchase vinyl-coated chain link fencing, which will protect the metal from rust and corrosion. This type of fence is often used in coastal areas, and it can save homeowners from the cost of costly repairs. In addition, it will not require the installation of concrete to hold the posts. This can save time and money during installation, which is important for reducing overall costs.

Some municipalities require a permit for the installation of a chain link fence. This is to ensure that the fence meets local ordinances and codes, and to prevent any issues that might arise later on. This is not an opportunity to skip a permit, as the fine for installing a chain link fence three inches too close to your property line can be enormous.

Homeowners who are handy can sometimes install their own chain link fences to save on installation costs. However, this is not a task for novices, and it requires precision to make sure the fence is safe and secure. It can also be time consuming to dig holes and set the posts, and the job will take up to a week for most fences. For added safety, it is recommended that homeowners use a professional for the installation process.


In addition to being cost-effective, chain link fences provide a good level of security. They can be made more secure by adding barbed wire to the top or bottom, burying the chain link fabric or using a solid bottom rail. Other security measures can also be taken such as using strong poles, locking gates and installing electronic surveillance. These security features are particularly important for commercial facilities.

The woven metal wires that form chain link fences can be coated with vinyl or galvanized to increase their strength and durability. The vinyl coating provides a more appealing aesthetic, while the galvanization prevents rusting. Both options are effective and can make the fence more difficult to break into. They can also be fitted with accessories such as privacy strips or slats that can add to the level of security.

While many people associate chain-link fencing with a prison yard or industrial vibe, they can be quite attractive and even stylish in some applications. They can be painted in a wide variety of colors and can be used to add decorative elements to buildings or homes. They can be designed to enclose an entire property or just be used as a deterrent to stop unwelcome intruders.

In contrast to wooden fencing, chain-link fences are relatively easy to install. They can be installed over existing structures or in new locations. They can be built to accommodate most slopes and grade changes. They can also be installed at different heights to meet specific security requirements.

While chain-link fences are usually constructed from steel, they can be made out of other materials such as aluminum or concrete. They can be either galvanized or powder coated in a wide range of colors. The color of the finish can have a major impact on the appearance and cost of the fence.

Some people believe that chain-link fences rust easily, but this is a myth. While it is true that iron will rust quickly when exposed to moisture, the majority of chain-link fences are galvanized and protected from rusting. They are also treated to stand up to the elements and can withstand years of exposure to moisture. In fact, it takes a lot of time and neglect to get a chain-link fence to look rundown and rusty.


When compared to other fence materials, chain link fences are among the most durable. The metal is treated and coated to resist rust, making it resilient in a variety of climates. The steel also won’t sag like wood, and will remain stable and strong even after years of use. Depending on the materials and finishes used, the lifespan of a chain-link fence can exceed 20 years.

Whether you need to protect  your business or home, or simply enclose a space, a chain link security fence is a reliable and affordable option. It is especially ideal for commercial spaces and large outdoor areas, where the fence will be visible to the surrounding public. However, it is important to measure the perimeter of the area you would like to enclose and choose the appropriate height, based on local regulations and the purpose of your fence.

The most important component of a chain link fence is the framework, which consists of steel tubing that acts as posts and supports the wire mesh fabric. The frames are available in a variety of gauges, and the mesh fabric can be made from galvanized or vinyl-coated iron. It is possible to increase the level of security by using smaller diamonds, or adding barbed wire to the top of the fence.

A well-maintained chain-link fence can significantly increase the value of your property. It can add privacy by creating a barrier between you and the outside world, deter criminals by clearly indicating that your property is protected, and can even provide an aesthetic element when painted a color that complements your house or business.

While it is possible to install a chain link fence yourself, it is usually easier and safer to hire Solanos Fence. Not only will this save you hours of difficult labor, but it will also ensure that your new fence is safe and secure. Solanos Fence installer will know how to avoid hitting any power lines or other utilities, and can also help you save money by reducing the cost of installation.


A chain link fence can last 20 years or more, but it requires maintenance to keep it looking good. Regular cleaning can remove rust and dirt, and it is best to do this at least once every year. Using water and detergent will usually be enough to clean a chain link fence, but it may require a wire brush or scrub for hard-to-remove stains, such as bird droppings. It is also important to trim any plants that grow along the fence, as they can eventually heave the fence off the ground or break through the chains.

If the fence is in need of repair, Solanos Fence professional can help. Bent rails, broken posts, and loose or rusted hardware should be fixed immediately. The longer these problems go unresolved, the more expensive they will be to fix.

Unlike some types of fences, chain link fences are relatively easy to maintain and repair. In addition to regular cleaning, they can be painted with a high-quality latex or vinyl paint that resists the elements and protects against ultraviolet radiation. The paint can be dipped or sprayed. Zinc coatings are also available to protect against corrosion and rust.

Regular inspections are another important part of chain link fence maintenance. These inspections can help identify potential issues and prevent them from becoming bigger problems that could cost more to repair. In addition, it is important to keep children and pets from climbing the fence as this can damage it or cause injuries.

It is also important to check for and repair any leaning posts in the fence. Cold weather can heave metal posts from the ground, and this can cause severe damage to the fence. It is a good idea to contact a professional fence installer for this job, as they will have the tools and expertise to work around any obstacles.

Another simple maintenance task for a chain link fence is to repair the top rail when it becomes bent. To do this, first remove the wire ties that hold the fencing to the top rail with linesman’s pliers. Then, survey the pipe and determine where the bend starts on either end of the rail. Next, use a reciprocating saw to cut the pipe at these points, making sure you have straight ends. Then, slide the new rail into the existing sleeve and tighten the rail coupling. Finally, use ties to reattach the fencing to the rail, twisting them in place with the pliers.

Chain link fence New Jersey is affordable and durable. It can also be customized to fit your needs. The choices you make in deciding the mesh, height, and finish can have an impact on its price. Homeowners who know what they are doing can install a chain link fence themselves. If you have a large yard…